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Community Speedwatch Scheme in Wiltshire to reduce speeding and empower residents


Wiltshire Council has embarked on an ambitious plan to decentralise decision making and transfer power to local communities. One feature of this new local approach is the development of 18 area boards that bring together elected members, parishes, partners and local people to tackle local issues. To ensure the boards reflect the wider needs of the community there has been a strong focus on improving public participation, community engagement and social inclusion.

Community Speedwatch gives local people the power to tackle one of the biggest causes of concern in Wiltshire - speeding vehicles. Partnership working has been key to the success of the scheme with the council, police and local communities coming together to find new ways to tackle the problem.

This project has also been showcased by the BBC - click here to watch their report.

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Steve Milton

Head of Community Governance

Wiltshire Council

Tel: 01722 434255




Steve Milton wrote this case study for Governance International on 7 November 2011.
It was updated in 2016.

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