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Public Management and Governance

Third Edition

This best-selling text book is a major source in its field for readers interested in public policy, government or public governance. It has excellent case studies and chapters by authors from the US and Asia, as well as a large core of chapters by top academics in the UK. It has already been published in Japanese, and editions are being prepared in a number of other foreign languages. More...

The Governance International Co-Production Star

A toolkit for public services and communities

This briefing note gives you a practical understanding of how our co-production toolkit supports organisations and communities to achieve better outcomes together. It enables you to map with your partners how much co-production is already taking place, how to make it better and how to scale it up. Mini-case studies provide you with new ideas to take forward your co-production strategy. So don't wait - explore our Co-Production Star now.


Co-Production Star flyer
(English version)
Koproduktion in der Mitmach-Stadt
(German version)
La Co-Production Du Service Public
(French version).

Contact: for further information and if you prefer a hard copy.

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