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About us

Governance International delivers tools, training, research and peer learning around the world to transform public services based on international good practice.

Governance International was founded in 2002 and is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 04488214 with Companies House for England & Wales. We are a nonprofit organisation based in Birmingham, UK but operate internationally.


Why work with us?

Our Team provide clients and partners with

  1. Long-standing experience of working with local government, government departments and agencies, third sector organisations and local communities as demonstrated by our track record and testimonials of clients.
  2. A multi-national and multi-lingual team from practice and academia.
  3. Use of inter-active and creative learning and coaching methods which are fun and enable people to learn from each other.
  4. A global network of innovation champions and critical friends to provide fresh ideas and peer support.


How we work with you

We will work with your organisation and local communities based on co-production principles. This means that we will work together in a collaborative way making full use of everybody‚Äôs experience, skills and knowledge to achieve better outcomes and more efficient services.

We are committed to delivering high quality work and to acting based on good governance principles.

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