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Community Speedwatch Scheme in Wiltshire to reduce speeding and empower residents


The community speedwatch scheme has exceeded the original targets set for year one and is continuing to grow. It was anticipated that with the launch of the scheme, the number of speeding issues reported through the area boards community issues system would initially increase and then decrease as the scheme took effect.

“The scheme is beneficial - we are definitely slowing people down and they know we are out there. As the speed cameras have been taken away and the police enforcement teams are stretched, we need the ongoing support of the police and the council.”

Stan Bagwell, community speedwatch volunteer

From interviews with volunteers it is clear that there is enthusiasm for community speedwatch. This enthusiasm needs to be supported and maintained through improvements to the scheme. Volunteers have suggested the following improvements to the scheme, which are now being addressed by the project steering group:

  • better signage in speed limit areas
  • more speed guns
  • a tape recorder to allow volunteers to record number plates
  • greater flexibility in the choice of community speedwatch sites in each area
  • the development of a community speedwatch website.

It is also important that data is collected and analysed at the beginning and end of each year at each community speedwatch site. This demonstrates the impact of the interventions at each site – something which is particularly important for volunteers

The scheme has also had a positive impact upon local residents, as demonstrated by the following quote:

“The yellow jackets are all over the place! It has to be having an effect on people like me. Now I allow a bit longer for my trip, which is good because I’m more relaxed and feel safer. It’s good to see people taking control of issues like this.”

A Salisbury resident


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Steve Milton wrote this case study for Governance International on 7 November 2011.
It was updated in 2016.

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