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The Co-Production Star: how to do co-production of public services

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Co-production is different, it’s demanding, it’s risky. Clearly, it requires new skills on the part of professionals. No longer is expertise solely a professional matter. Co-production recognises and respects service user experience. Effective front-line professionals and managers remain vital to excellent services – but their focus is now on giving guidance and support to service users, their network and wider communities as the co-producers of outcomes.

Governance International has developed cost-effective change management training programmes based on the Co-Production Star. These will allow you to roll out co-production within your organisation or local area.

What the Co-Production Star is about

The Governance International co-production model visualises different ways into public service co-production. As the outer ring with the Four Co's shows, co-production may include co-commissioning, co-design, co-delivery or co-assessment of public services.  The inner ring outlines our 5 Step Public Service Transformation Model for rolling out co-production across the organisation and service delivery chain.  This involves mapping existing co-production initiatives, focussing on those with the highest impact, peopling your strategy with co-producers inside and outside your organisation, marketing it to the sceptics and growing it within and beyond your organisation.

The Governance International Co-Production Toolkit provides very practical ways of implementing co-production in public services. We have commissioned Governance International to run a highly successful series of training workshops which are helping partnerships to build on their existing co-production initiatives and learn lessons from best practice elsewhere.

Gerry Power, National Lead - Co-production and Community Capacity, Joint Improvement Team, Scottish Government

By the end of the programme you will

  • understand what co-production means for your organisation by making use of the Four Co-Model of the Co-Production Star;

  • know how to use the 5 Step Public Service Transformation Model of the Co-Production Star to roll out co-production in your organisation;

  • learn from local and innovative good practice carried out elsewhere;

  • build up an action plan for taking co-production further in your organisation;

  • receive a report from Governance International which captures all the learning during the training;

  • get online access to our intranet with all training materials for further use in your organisation or partnership;

  • have the opportunity to be showcased with your good practice on the Governance International website and network.

The flexible programme can be delivered as a series of half-day, one day or two-day courses suitable for Board members through to managers, frontline staff and service users.

For further information please contact our liaison manager Yvonne Harley at

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