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Study Visits

Governance International study visits take you to see how things are done differently elsewhere. This is not like reading case studies on the web – it’s about being there, talking to the staff, talking to the politicians, talking to citizens. Study visits give you a flavour of what it’s really like to bring about change.

And our study visits are inter-active and fun! We set up the meetings, prepare briefing material for you and provide you with an introduction on site, so that you have a solid understanding of the innovations you will see – but you supply the questioning and probing of the people involved, so that you get a real feel for what they have done, why it has worked (and often what didn’t work). The result: you get the answers you need to take home with you.

Study visits tailor-made to meet your needs

We can arrange tailor-made study visits for your organisation to the UK and many OECD countries, if you tell us the issues in which you are interested. We're happy to co-design the study visit programme with you. To discuss a study trip and get a quote, please contact

"I greatly benefitted from the Governance International study visit to Mannheim and Freiburg in March 2017 on German approaches to co-production. In particular, it provided me with some stimulating new ideas and templates for co-designing people-powered places in Scotland - and the learning from examples we visited will strongly inform my future work at Architecture and Design Scotland. After this very productive trip, I look forward to future co-operation with Governance International."

Diarmaid Lawler
Director of Place

Architecture and Design Scotland

An established track record of delivering successful study visit programmes  

Governance International has designed, organised and delivered many study visit programmes since 2008 for a range of participants from local government, central government agencies, third sector organisations and health. Countries visited included the UK, Germany, Finland and France. Our study visit programmes focussed on co-production and social innovation, change management, e-government and open government, anti-corruption and fraud, citizen engagement and participatory budgeting. We invite you to explore our previous study trips ...

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