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The Governance International 5 Step Model for Public Service Transformation

Step 3: People it!

Governance International runs Co-Production Labs involving managers, staff and service users based on modern Service Design Methods to identify more efficient and effective ways of delivering services. Typically, this will involve a two-hour session in a location suitable to the needs of the participants.

Central to the success of the Co-Production Labs is finding the right managers, staff and citizens who want to work together and transform the old ways of delivering services, so that their best ideas can be gathered. These people can be located through the existing networks used by the services, such as user forums and staff suggestion schemes.

However, a wider range of relevant people can be identified through careful market research. The Governance International Community Survey will allow you to identify:

  • service users and communities who are already undertaking interesting co-production
  • ... and who say they would be prepared to do more
  • ... and who specify clearly how they want to get involved.

Moreover, we recommend that you match this Community Survey with an Online Staff Survey which provides evidence on:

  • which front-line staff are already collaborating imaginatively with service users;
  • what more they would be prepared to do; and
  • how they want to see services changing.

How much more time are citizens willing to spend overall?

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