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The Governance International 5 Step Model for Public Service Transformation

Step 1: Map It!

Co-production may be a new concept for many public agencies but it has already become embedded in many service sectors, with plenty of good examples stemming from public services in the UK and elsewhere. The challenge now is to make it work better and to roll it out to achieve significant efficiency gains and improvements to outcomes.

To help you do this, Step 1 of the Governance International 5 Step Model is about mapping existing forms of co-production and the pathways which will help you improve the collaboration between professionals and citizens. The Co-Production Explorer developed by Governance International helps your managers and staff to map where your organisation is already making use of co-production and to identify the potential for new co-production activities, feeding in 'revealing practice‘ from national and international best practice cases.

“Co-production is central to the future of public services. The good news is that we now realise we have been doing a lot of it already in recent years. The bad news is that we now realise we were not doing it well because we weren’t taking it seriously. The time has come to use co-production to a greater extent to achieve lower cost public services on a mass scale.”

Jim McManus, Joint Director of Public Health for Birmingham

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