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Co-Production Explorer: Raising Awareness and Getting Buy-In for Co-Production

Public service co-production is nothing new. Indeed, as professionals, managers, people who user services and communities quickly come to realise in Governance International training programmes, this is already happening even though it is often unnoticed or not taken seriously.


As Deputy Director of Public Health for NHS Tayside I have been heavily involved in the drive to embed co-production within all areas of our work. During this process I have extensively used the Co-production Star which has proved to be an excellent resource to support our co-production work.

Paul Ballard, Deputy Director of Public Health, NHS Tayside

The Governance International Co-Production Explorer answers one question - how well is your organisation co-producing?

This tool gives you clear feedback on how well different parts of your organisation make use of coproduction principles and indicates the next steps for making improvements. 

You can use the Co-Production Explorer :

  1. As a free online version in abbreviated form to give you an idea how this tool works. Click here to test the free 15 minute version.

  2. As an internal audit – a Governance International assessor will brief and train your staff in a one-day workshop to carry out a self-assessment based on the Co-Production Explorer for professionals.

  3. As an external user audit – a Governance International assessor will design and facilitate a one-day workshop for your service users to provide your agency with comprehensive feedback based on the Co-Production Explorer.

For further information please contact our liaison manager Yvonne Harley at

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