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"User and community co-production of public services and outcomes is about public service organisations and citizens making better use of each other’s assets, resources and contributions to achieve better outcomes or improve efficiency."

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How does the Co-Production Star toolkit help you?

Our Co-production Star toolkit provides you with a systematic framework to help you improve outcomes and make savings.

It has been developed from and is backed up by more than 70  detailed case studies, many of which are now also published by the OECD Observatory of Public Service Innovation.  

In a five step process, it shows you how public services can work more effectively with service users and local communities in order to improve public value.

The Four Co’s in the inner ring of the Co-Production Star provide an integrated cycle of co-commissioning, co-design, co-delivery and co-assessment for your service or local area. They demonstrate different ways of putting co-production into practice. They also show how local people, public service staff and elected politicians can play different roles and make better use of their strengths and capabilities.

The Five Steps in the outer ring of the Co-Production Star - Map It! Focus It! People It! Market It! Grow It! - provide you with tools for implementing the Four Co’s to improve outcomes.

The Governance International Co-Production Star toolkit is featured in the Resource of the Scottish Co-Production Network.  It highlights our co-production project PRESENT with East Dunbartonshire Council and the Joint Improvement Team. This national pilot project breaks new ground by using our Co-Production Star to explore the ways in which people living with dementia can not only make a contribution to public services but can also use their strengths and capabilities to become a 'pillar' for other people in their family, personal network and local community. The project was shortlisted for Scotland’s Dementia Awards 2016.

Read our Co-Production Star briefing note (pdf) to learn more about our training and consultancy offer.

Get in touch with and let's discuss how we can support your co-production journey with our Co-Production Star toolkit. 



"The co-production project PRESENT has helped East Dunbartonshire Council and its partners to make substantial progress on their dementia journey.
Governance International provided highly valuable guidance through its Co-Production Star toolkit and its large set of inspiring international case studies. This joint work has delivered social innovations locally and provided initial evidence of improved wellbeing of people living with dementia. We will now build on these achievements to roll-out co-production in other areas of our work in social care and health."


Andy Martin,
Head of Adult & Primary Care Services,
East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership

Training Portfolio - CPD Certified

Governance International delivers a range of highly interactive briefing and training courses targeted at different stakeholders to support their co-production journey.

Recent commissioners of our Co-Production Star training include Sandwell MBC and Kent CC in England; Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership, Police Scotland and Midlothian Council in Scotland; Anglesey Council, Powys CC and ADSS Cymru in Wales. In Europe, we have delivered Co-Production Star training courses for INET in Strasbourg and the DIFU in Berlin as well as a range of local councils (e.g. City of Mannheim and City of Konstanz).


Check out our CPD certified training offer and sample programmes:


For further information on our training course offer please contact

"The Governance International Toolkit provides very practical ways of implementing co-production in public services. We have commissioned Governance International to run a highly successful series of training workshops which are helping local councils and their partners to build on their existing co-production initiatives and learn lessons from best practice elsewhere."

Gerry Power, Director, Joint Improvement Team, Scotland

Outcome-Based Commissioning Training - CPD Certified

Are you a commissioner grappling with growing service demand or DToCs targets from DH? Or facing the next rounds of budget cuts? Or have you simply  come to the conclusion that there is a need to commission public service differently but you are still not quite sure how?

The Governance International Public Value Model provides you with an innovative framework and smart ways of achieving public value through outcome-based commissioning. Read our outcome-based commissioning blog to find out how our Public Value Model works.

Most importantly, learn in our one-day outcome-based commissioning training workshop how to make effective use of it in your organisation or partnership. Our highly inter-active training course has been certified by the CPD Standards Office. It provides commissioners and other senior leaders in public service organisations with world class speakers, cutting-edge research, inspiring case studies and the chance to learn from peers in your service, so that you can implement outcome-based commissioning effectively in your organisation and partnerships.

Check out our outcome-based commissioning training course and get in touch with to discuss how we can tailor our training programme to your needs.

Become a CitizenPoweredCouncil® in the UK

Governance International is launching a new initiative in the UK to support local councils to grow co-production across local public services and neighbourhoods. We offer commissioners, service providers and local communities a tested Co-Production Star toolkit, more than 55 good practice cases and evidence-based research to co-commission, co-design, co-deliver and co-assess improved citizen outcomes. Download our CitizenPoweredCouncil® briefing note and contact for further information.

Governance International is the leading European centre for consultancy, training and research on user and community co-production. Its publications have become the standard sources for understanding the potential of co-production to improve outcomes and reduce service costs. The Governance International Co-production Star takes you through a tested five-stage transformation programme which will embed co-production in your commissioning, design, delivery and assessment of services.

Explore our pilot PRESENT with East Dunbartonshire Council, the East Dunbartonshire dementia network and the former Joint Improvement Team to understand how a full co-production approach has improved the wellbeing of people living with dementia in East Dunbartonshire.

In Wales we have partnered with Public Governance Wales to realise the ‘community leadership’ role of Welsh local government. We support councils in Wales to co-produce improved wellbeing outcomes with communities for the benefit of current and future generations drawing on a strong heritage of community participation in Wales.

Download our Wales CitizenPoweredCouncil® briefing note and contact Rebecca David-Knight at

Join the CitizenPoweredCity® Network in Europe

Our European initiative aims at enabling your city to improve local outcomes in partnership with other innovative cities in Europe guided by the step-by-step approach of the Co-Production Star. We will be working with Consulting Territorial Europe in France and local partners in different European countries to support your co-production journey and to facilitate European network meetings after each step of the Co-Production Star. 

Interested? Download our CitizenPoweredCity® briefing note in several languages:

English version

French version

Spanish version

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