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3. December 2018


Barriers to user and community co-production of public outcomes: A new survey by Governance International

Governance International seeks partners for its current research project into barriers to user and community co-production of public services and outcomes. This new project follows up Governance International’s widely published international surveys on co-production and its co-production case studies from around the world, of which more than 50 have been republished by OPSI of the OECD. 

The project focuses on surveys of staff involved in co-production in public sector organisations, exploring to what degree staff are co-producing services and outcomes with citizens, the barriers to co-production which staff have experienced and what strategies staff are using to overcome these barriers. The project is designed to provide valuable advice to participating public sector organisations not only in mapping what is already happening in co-production but - even more importantly – how the barriers to co-production can be overcome and how effective co-production can be scaled out and made more successful. The survey is being launched in Brazil in early 2019 and then later in the year in the UK. As lessons are learned from these first two surveys, we wish to work with public sector organisations in other countries to build up and exploit the learning opportunities from international experience. Please contact if you’re interested to discuss cooperation opportunities.

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