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Good Governance

Public Management and Governance

Third Edition

This best-selling text book is a major source in its field for readers interested in public policy, government or public governance. It has excellent case studies and chapters by authors from the US and Asia, as well as a large core of chapters by top academics in the UK. It has already been published in Japanese, and editions are being prepared in a number of other foreign languages. More...

Liberalization and Privatization in the EU

Services of general interest and the roles of the public sector

This publication gives an overview of the liberalisation and privatisation process in services of general interest in Europe discussing its timing, rationale and drivers, as well as presenting different types of privatisation and the accompanying processes. Then, the publication focuses on the economic outcomes as regards the creation of competitive markets, quality of service, as well as impacts on employment and productivity in this sector. It concludes by drawing implications for the role of the public sector in a revitalised European Social Model. ?

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Towards sustainable public administration

The Spanish National Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Quality of Services (AEVAL) commissioned Governance International during the Spanish EU Presidency to carry out a scientific study on sustainability frameworks in the public sector. The report assesses different sustainability measurement and reporting systems such as IWA 4, GRI, ISO 26000 and looks at the lessons learnt. Most importantly, it proposes an integrated framework of 15 key indicators so that public agencies can benchmark the quality of their sustainability management. What you always wanted to know about sustainability measurement can be found here or by

Collaborative Governance – The New Vision for the Public Sector

(in German)

Governance International and its Austrian partner KDZ shows that Collaborative Governance means 1) re-thinking public services "outside in", through the eyes of service users, 2) re-thinking public services "upside down", through the ideas of front-line staff and 3) re-thinking public services "from back to front", starting from outcomes, not inputs.
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