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Making Health And Social Care Personal And Local: Moving from Mass Production to Co-Production

Interviews with the authors

Governance International and the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) have published a state-of-the-art overview of public service co-production in health and social care. The 24 chapters from major national and international practitioners and thinkers in the field set out a vision for the co-production in health and social care – what it is, why it is a necessity and how to do it. The chapters of case studies provide numerous examples of how public services can collaborate with services users and communities to improve outcomes; and discuss the challenges and opportunities that co-production presents. There is something for everyone in the book, with case studies written by national policy makers, NHS officials, local authority leaders, major service providers in public and third sectors, and expert users.

Governance International and the LGiU have launched the publication at a number of events across the UK with a number of authors who contributed to the book. 

Paul Corrigan: How co-producing health can add the extra value needed to save the NHS

Paul Corrigan, Management Consultant and Executive Coach, talks about ‘How co-producing health can add the extra value needed to save the NHS’ and the lessons that the NHS can learn from the NESTA’s People Powered Health project. 

John Jennings: Citizen Leaders - Co-production through a community interest company in Derbyshire

John Jennings, Director of Citizen Leaders and a service user, describes how Citizen Leaders have worked with Derbyshire County Council to co-produce improved services. 

Jude Wells: Co-designing Stockport Council's Adult Social Care Website

Jude Wells, Head of Personalisation at Stockport Council, discusses how the council redesigned its ‘My Care, My Choice' website with service users and the positive impacts it has had.

Community Catalysts: Helping people to set up social enterprises

Helen Allen discusses how Community Catalysts supports the development of sustainable social enterprises to deliver personalised social care and health services.

Cllr Ed Davie: Lambeth's Co-operative Council

Ed Davie, Chair of Lambeth Council’s Health and Adult Social Services Scrutiny Committee, talks about Lambeth Council’s new cooperative model for public service delivery.

Gerry Power: Co-producing health and social care in Scotland

Gerry Power, Scottish Government Joint Improvement Team, discusses how the Scottish Government has ‘put its money where its mouth is’ to encourage health and social care agencies to embed coproduction in commissioning and providing services.

Laura Wilkes: Challenges and opportunities in taking forward co-production

Laura Wilkes, Local Government Information Unit, argues local government needs to overcome its risk averse culture and she highlights opportunities for promoting the co-production of public services.

Video blog from the Stockport book launch event

This videoblog summarises discussions at a launch event for the ‘Making Health and Social Care Local and Personal’ book at Stockport Town Hall on 17  July 2012.

The videoblog includes contributions from:

  • Elke Loeffler, Chief Executive, Governance International;
  • Jude Wells, Head of Personalisation, Adult Social Care, Stockport Council;
  • David Taylor Gooby, Lay Member of the Durham Dales, Easington, and Sedgefield Commissioning Group;
  • David Morris, Head of the Inclusion Institute, University of Central Lancashire;
  • Helen Allen, Operations Manager, Community Catalysts

For more information about the book, click here to go to our Publications page. 

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