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Witton Lodge Community Association: making a success of community ownership


In the 1990s, residents of Perry Common in the West Midlands, especially those who had lived there all their lives, came in for a shock!  Almost one thousand homes in this area of predominantly social housing in north Birmingham were declared structurally unsound and were set to face demolition. Residents were left devastated when they realised it was possible they may be relocated to other areas across Birmingham. However, several residents decided there was an alternative. They got together to found the Witton Lodge Community Association in 1994. This case study documents the transformation that this resident-led initiative has made to the homes and quality of life of the people in Perry Common.

About this case study
Main Contact

Patricia Jones

Honorary Fellow

Third Sector Research Centre

University of Birmingham


Pat Jones wrote this case study for Governance International on 14 June 2012

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