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When the voluntary sector meets business: the Stuttgart Market Place

Performance indicators


In spite of the much more difficult economic climate, the 2010 Stuttgart Market Place achieved all the objectives and targets set at the beginning of the project. Not only was the count of participants doubled but the voluntary organisations also represented a wider range of interests, going well beyond NGOs with social objectives.

An evaluation commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation of 55 Social Market Place events organised between 2006 and 2009 in Germany provides further performance information: The number of agreements concluded during a Social Market Place varies between 30 and 160. On average, about 70 % of the agreements concluded at a Social Market Place are implemented. Typically, small- and medium-sized companies are over-represented. In some cases, there was evidence that the Social Market Place led to long-term partnerships and sustainable projects. More than 80% of the agreements between business and voluntary organisations focussed on the exchange of services, 63% were about the exchange of skills and know-how, 47% about logistics and 38% about volunteering.

About this case study
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Reinhold Halder, head of community engagement, City of Stuttgart


Agentur Mehrwert


Reinhold Halder, Head of Community Engagement of Stuttgart Council, provided Governance International with this case study on
1 February 2011.

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