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User Voice's Council Model: Only offenders can stop re-offending

Further Information

The Power Inside - The Role of Prison Councils: a User Voice report (2010)

User Voice website, including videos about HMP Isle of Wight and HMP Maidstone

Press coverage of council elections at HMP Isle of Wight:

Ballots prove popular behind bars
The Guardian (5 May 2010)

Do these inmates hold the key to the prisons dilemma?
The Times (2 July 2010)

Press coverage of council elections at HMP Maidstone:

Inside Information: The Big Issue (28 February 2011)

Inmates vote to have their voices heard: The Downs Mail (March 2011)

All other User Voice publications



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Frankie Hine-Hughes, project manager of Governance International, compiled this case study on 9 August 2011.

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