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The Values Based Standard™ of Macmillan Cancer Support: A quality framework for improving both patient and staff experience through co-production


The Macmillan Values based Standard™ aims to achieve a transformation in patients’ and families experience of care, through patients and staff co-designing solutions and interventions that change behaviour.  The standard provides a framework and methodology for improving both patient and staff experience through co-production.    

Research indicates that patient experience varies.  Some groups have a poorer cancer experience, for example, those who are old or whose sexuality is other than heterosexual.  But rather than thinking about how to make improvements for specific groups – which in any case overlap – the standard suggests that ‘difference’ is the norm and that care must respond to the needs of each individual patient.  

About this case study
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Jagtar S Dhanda
Head of Inclusion
Macmillan Cancer Support

Jagtar S Dhanda and
Julie Wells wrote this case
study for Governance International on 27 June 2013.

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