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Go where the people are: The Netti-Nysse bus in Tampere

Performance indicators 

By the end of 2012 Netti-Nysse has served about 26,000 learners on basic courses and about 3,750 pre-school children and primary school pupils.

According to the course evaluations gathered in 2012, 93% of people who have gained basic ICT skills in the Netti-Nysse bus intended to continue using computer and internet after the course and  94 % thought that the course added value to their everyday life. We need to keep in mind that in 2012 79% of our learners were over 65 years old (and 24% were over 75 years old).

Moreover, the new health services provided on the bus are already showing positive results. Most of the customers (75%) are over 60 years old. So far 46% were helped to get advice through self-help approaches, NGOs were contacted to help 8% and a doctor was needed in 14% of the cases. An influenza vaccination campaign week was also very popular: 3893 vaccinations were given during six days.

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Elina Harju

Learning Bridge Project

Education Export Network in the Tampere region, Finland

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Elina Harju wrote this case study for Governance International on 23 May 2013.

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