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Go where the people are: The Netti-Nysse bus in Tampere


The anonymous feedback from learners is collected systematically. It has been very positive and encouraging. Only one gentleman has told me that we could find better uses for taxpayers’ money - but I think I have seen worse uses of public fudning than the internet bus!

A participant in our ICT training course for retired staff from the company Turva gave us the following feedback:

 “The course was good and really useful for pensioners who have not used computers, internet and e-mail  during their working life. This supported my flimsy skills. I am really grateful for the knowledge and skills I got.” (”Kurssi on hyvä ja todella tarpeellinen esim. eläkeläisille, jotka eivät ole työssä joutuneet vielä paljon käyttämään työelämässä ollessaan sähköpostia tai nettiä. Tämä tukee omia hataria tietoja. Olen todella kiitollinen saamastani opista.”)

A participant on another ICT training event said:

Excellent course, both from the point of oral and written teaching. The tutors were extremely clear and their teaching style was communicative and polite. It was very pleasant to come to the course in the mornings because I knew I would be treated well. Thank you! I did not fall in love with the services of computer though. It is more like a necessarily evil.” (”Erinomainen kurssi sekä suullisen ja kirjallisen opetuksen kannalta. Ohjaajat erittäin selväsanaisia, opetustyyli osallistujaa huomioiva, kohtelias. 

Oli miellyttävää tulla aamuisin, kun tiessi saavansa huomaavaisen kohtelun. Kiitos! En kuitenkaan rakastunut tietokoneen palveluihin. Se on vain välttämätön paha.”)

The internet bus Netti-Nysse is now well known in Tampere and is associated with many innovative ideas and projects. In November 2001, Netti-Nysse and the City of Tampere received EU recognition with an"e-Government Best Practice" award and the staff took the bus to Brussels. In addition, the National Board of Education in Finland awarded the Netti-Nysse the national prize for innovative adult education practice. In 2004 the Millennium Technology Prize Foundation gave us a Special Recognition Award for a people-centred application that exploits internet technologies. In 2008 the Internet Bus Netti-Nysse and Tampere City Library were chosen as one of the five e-Literacy finalists in the European Commission e-Inclusion Awards Competition.

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Elina Harju wrote this case study for Governance International on 23 May 2013.

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