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Go where the people are: The Netti-Nysse bus in Tampere


Netti-Nysse is a local (and colloquial) way of saying "Internet Bus".  This clever combination of the Finnish words for the internet and buses is calculated to make local people smile. (In English it would be pronounced 'netty-nooseh' - or in German 'Netinüsse').

The original purpose of the internet bus was to reduce the digital divide in Tampere, Finland’s high-tech city. It was established in 2001 when there was a lot of demand from local people to acquire basic computer skills. Even in 2013 there are still many elderly people who need help with ICT. Netti-Nysse offers both courses with basic ICT training and special courses such as Piccasa, text processing and digital stories.

The bus also provides media education to preschool children who are far away from the city center. The bus is also used for many kinds of cultural activities such as open air movies, photo marathons, campaigns for reading, community happenings and fairs. 

In 2012, Tampere Council decided to experiment with providing health advice and health care through the internet bus as well. A public health nurse and some staff from a local NGO working on health care issues now  work on the bus two days a week in different locations. The doors are open and it’s easy for anyone to wander in, share their concerns or just talk with the staff on the bus.

The objectives of the bus-based health services are to increase the capacity of local people to help themselves and to prevent ill-health via the internet and everyday health practices. 

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Elina Harju wrote this case study for Governance International on 23 May 2013.

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