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Go where the people are: The Netti-Nysse bus in Tampere

Learning points                                                                                              

We are often asked what we have learned during the 12 years of running the internet bus. Our ten key learning points are:

  1. An idea needs to have a mother/father who has enough freedom and responsibility to innovate
  2. Do it together in a network
  3. Don't be shy
  4. Make it as simple and concrete as possible
  5. Do it to benefit aspects of people’s everyday life
  6. Rules for teaching: Show a good sense of humour, common sense  and patience
  7. Encourage people and make clear to them their own learning progress
  8. Encourage people to share their knowledge and skills
  9. Try out new projects
  10. Promoting ICT skills and good health practices need commitment and perseverance

We are happy to help and advise other organisations to develop services in an internet bus. We have gathered experience in developing two busses (one was an old, refurbished bus, while the other was a brand new bus). We know what kind of technical solutions work in different environments and how to design the bus to support learning and community capacity building. We are also very interested in international exchanges on service design and public service innovations and open to suggestions for workshops and events.  

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Elina Harju

Learning Bridge Project

Education Export Network in the Tampere region, Finland

Phone: +358 405088521

Elina Harju wrote this case study for Governance International on 23 May 2013.

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