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The Grameen Bank micro-credit programme for ‘struggling members’ in Bangladesh: Empowerment to tackle social exclusion


The CIA estimates that 31.5% of the population of Bangladesh (approximately 163 million people) live below the poverty line of US$ 1.25 per day (World Fact Book, 2013). Thousands of people migrate everyday towards the capital city Dhaka (about 12 million inhabitants), hoping for a better life and begging from the pedestrians on the roadside, at traffic signals and in open public areas. There have been reportedly more than 700,000 people living below the poverty line across Bangladesh, about 40,000 of them living in Dhaka. Together with the Bangladesh government, Grameen Bank has implemented a new micro-credit programme to enable ‘struggling members’ to use their entrepreneurial skills for a better life.

Learn how such small-scale support can turn around people’s lives and consider whether a similar approach would work for homeless people in ‘developed countries’. 

About this case study
Main Contact

Rosario Laratta

Associate Professor at Meiji University, Japan

Ghyes Kamal

Deputy-Secretary of National Board of Revenue at Government of Bangladesh

Rosario Laratta and Ghyes Kamal wrote this case study in October 2014.

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