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The Family Nurse Partnership programme in Scotland: improving outcomes for child, parents, and society

Cost and Savings

The first Scottish FNP programme in Edinburgh was funded by the Scottish Government £1.6 million and is being delivered by NHS Lothian during a three-year period. The second pilot received financial support of £3.2 million over three years from the Scottish Government and a contribution of £600,000 from NHS Tayside. It is estimated to cost approximately £3,000 per annum per client who completed the programme.

The economic benefits of FNP are being reviewed as part of recently commissioned work in England. Current estimates suggest that for every £1 invested, £3-5 is saved.

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About this case study
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Gail Trotter

Family Nurse Partnership Implementation Lead (Scotland)

Email: Gail.Trotter@scotland.gsi.

Elke Loeffler and Gail Trotter wrote this case study in 2012.

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