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The Esther approach to healthcare in Sweden: A business case for radical improvement


The key objective of this new approach was to create a network that would help patients feel confident, independent and secure by ensuring that they:

  • receive care in or close to home;
  • know where and who to turn to for care;
  • see the healthcare system as an entity working together to provide their care;
  • have access to quality care across the whole region.

This required the healthcare system to commit to the following principles of quality management (Wackerberg and Svensson, 2011):

  • Staff commitment to the vision of the Esther Network.
  • Increased competence across the whole care chain.
  • Close working relations and support within the entire care chain to achieve the best for the patient.
  • Efforts to continuously improve quality.     




About this case study
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Nicoline Vackerberg
Director of the Esther Network


Nicoline Vackerberg wrote this case study for Governance International in January 2013.

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