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The Esther approach to healthcare in Sweden: A business case for radical improvement

Learning points

  • Start by getting some patients and key actors from across the whole care chain in the same room to talk about improvements.

  • Follow  a patient story through the whole chain to get the same picture from different perspectives. From this, identify the key processes that are common to every patient journey. For example: The discharge process with an individual care plan and recommendations for further care.

  • Use simple questions: What’s best for Esther? Who has to cooperate to make this happen?

  • Train and trust your patient and the frontline staff to start small improvement projects.

  • There must be space in the schedule to attend Esther meetings.

  • Coaches can make a difference.

  • Find a way to engage doctors.

  • Find a way to bring in stable funding over time.


About this case study
Main Contact

Nicoline Vackerberg
Director of the Esther Network


Nicoline Vackerberg wrote this case study for Governance International in January 2013.

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