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The Esther approach to healthcare in Sweden: A business case for radical improvement

Further information

General background to Esther case study

Person driven care, White Paper NHS

Inge Werner talks about the Esther network -

Jan Davies, director 1000 Lives Plus, blogs about the Esther Network and it's lessons for Welsh healthcare -


Carlsson, C. (2010), Timeline of the Esther Network,

Davies, J. (2012), Person-Driven Care, Improving Healthcare White Paper Series – No. 7, 1000 Lives Plus.

Projekt Esther & IBM (1997), Project Esther, (

Wackerberg, N & Svensson, K. (2011), Network as a Strategy for Improvement in Complex Care, Sweden (



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About this case study
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Nicoline Vackerberg
Director of the Esther Network


Nicoline Vackerberg wrote this case study for Governance International in January 2013.

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