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Ages et Vie: Personalised care and a richer social life for the elderly in rural France

Performance indicators

At the beginning of 2012 the company Ages&Vie conducted the third satisfaction survey among the residents of Ages&Vie homes. The survey showed that more than 65% of residents are very or quite satisfied with the services they get in the Ages&Vie homes, including the menus and preparation of meals, support with household tasks and personal hygiene, and the respect for their privacy shown by staff.

The majority of tenants are also very satisfied with their membership in the association (30% very satisfied, 55% satisfied).

These results are similar to those in previous years, although some interesting positive developments have occurred – e.g. satisfaction with alarm systems in the homes has increased from 54% to 73% (due to a new product being used). The proportion of residents who are satisfied with the quality-price ratio has increased from 73% in 2010 to 85%.


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Laurine Artus

Marcel Guenoun

Laurine Artus and Marcel Guenoun, our Associates in France, wrote this case study for Governance International on 12 March 2012.

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