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The 1% Support Scheme in Ichikawa City


The 1% Support Scheme in Ichikawa City was inspired by the 1996 Hungarian Personal Income Tax Scheme. This scheme enables the taxpayer to donate 1% of their income tax to nonprofit organisations. In Hungary, this was seen as a response to the lack of funding of public infrastructure and the weak third sector, after the fall of the Socialist regime in the late 1980s. The former mayor of Ichikawa City, Mr. Chiba Mitsuyuki, learnt about this scheme through a TV programme and decided to implement it in Ichikawa City. Because of the different cultural and political conditions in Ichikawa city, the original idea had to be adapted to fit into the local context.

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Rosario Laratta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Meiji University, Tokyo


Rosario Laratta wrote this case study in August 2014.

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