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Saving Blackheath Fireworks Night! What a successful public fundraising campaign looks like


The appeal attracted a lot of interest and comment, especially online. Local bloggers got involved with championing the cause. Here are some of the comments from their blogs:

Blackheath Fireworks: Lewisham Council needs you! - The Kidbrooke Kite
“...BLACKHEATH Fireworks needs YOU!” reads the sign, although a little symbol hidden around the side revealed that it's actually LEWISHAM COUNCIL that needs YOU! I was aware that Greenwich had pulled their share of funding for the event, ...

Bid for a night out at the fireworks the Blackheath Fireworks display. Lewisham Council has been trying to raise more cash for the event since Greenwich Council decided not to support it this year. It's good to see that the council is using a bit of imagination to try and raise the money - there's a £36k shortfall to make up and so far it has received £11.5k in public donations....from The Deptford Dame

Fireworks appeal reaches £10,000 mark the Blackheath Fireworks appeal. This year, on grounds of budget constraints, Greenwich Council cancelled their support for the November 5th event, which has been co-funded by the two boroughs for many years. So-far, the public has donated £10,000 of the £35,000 target, with local companies like Glendale and the Clarendon Hotel chipping in. ...from Brockley Central

Was that the last Blackheath fireworks display?
... Blackheath fireworks display ended – good, wasn’t it? It felt a bit more low-key than last year’s display, but that wasn’t entirely a bad thing – no rubbish music, for a start. But it seemed like an almost perfect evening for it – mist and smoke hanging low over the heath, the streams of people walking from miles around...from 853

Others members of the local community generously donated their time and skills. A local amateur took the photos, and local professional film makers made a film of the event which can be seen on YouTube  - see

The eBay auction ran for 10 days with a starting price of 99 pence. The winning bid was for £1000.

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