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Reducing youth unemployment: innovative mentoring from Switzerland

Performance Indicators

The results of the programme are impressive: around 70% of mentees find a apprenticeship or placement each year, and while the length of time spent on the programme can vary from three months to two years, it is often the case that mentees find an appropriate training after eight months. Around 10% drop out of the programme altogether, although in some cases mentees have returned to the programme, experiencing later success. Mentees whose search runs for longer than expected or who also face more complex challenges, for example learning difficulties, are referred to other relevant support in the local area.

Reflecting its success, the programme won the Basel Stadt prize for Integration in 2005 (10,000 Swiss Francs). An evaluation was completed by the local Fachhochschule fuer Sozialarbeit in 2003, which assessed: overall acceptance of the project, its gender-specific focus,  the participation of non-Swiss young people, the project's uses and competences and its voluntary component. The positive results of the evaluation were seen to provide a foundation for the implementation of the project across both Basel Stadt and Basel Land kantons.

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Emmeline Cooper wrote this case study for Governance International on 26 September 2011

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