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“Read with me”: How teachers in Aarhus support parents to improve their children's reading skills


READ (Research in Educational Achievement and Development) is a co-production project in Aarhus which aims at helping parents of school children to improve their child’s reading ability. This new co-production initiative is closely linked to the Early Child Programme of the City of Aarhus which targets young children attending pre-schools. Both projects are managed by the Municipality of Aarhus, VIA University College and Trygfonden’s Centre for Child Research at Aarhus University, which is an interdisciplinary research centre founded by the non-profit foundation Trygfonden.

About this case study
Main Contact

Tine Nørregaard Jacobsen
Consultant, The Municipality of Aarhus

Morten Hjortskov
PhD student, Political Science Department, Aarhus University

Tine Nørregaard Jacobsen and Morten Hjortskov wrote this case study for Governance International in May 2015.

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