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Outcomes-based commissioning and public service transformation in Mosaic Clubhouse Lambeth

Performance Indicators

In 2012/13 we supported 328 members and had 133 referrals to our service.

  • 107 of these members attended board, policy or standards meeting
  • 15 secured paid employment
  • 110 attended social events
  • 40 achieved recovery goals
  • 61 secured educational opportunities

From April 2013 to March 2014 we have supported 489 members with 389 referrals.

  • 124 of these members attended board, policy or standards meeting
  • 30 secured paid employment
  • 198 attended social events
  • 67 achieved recovery goals
  • 96 secured educational opportunities

In our latest satisfaction survey from 2014

  • 76% of members feel valued supported and have gained confidence while attending Mosaic.
  • 75% of members feel they participate in meaningful work opportunities
  • 75% of members feel that they are given a choice about the work they do at the Clubhouse.
  • 68% of members feel that Mosaic has helped them think about educational opportunities and assisted them to make choices around courses.
  • 55% of members feel that Mosaic has helped them to think about work opportunities.
  • 75% of members feel that they are learning new skills or remembering old ones by attending Mosaic.
  • A significant number of members hope to use the skills they have learned to progress into further education and/or employment.

Download a recent research summary with more evidence of the outcomes of the Clubhouse Model.

Just prior to the move Mosaic achieved a three year accreditation from Clubhouse International and is once again functioning as an international training base.

Maresa Ness, the chief executive of Mosaic Clubhouse is now on the board of the Clubhouse Europe and is chair on the subcommittee responsible for supporting Clubhouse growth in Europe as well as training and accreditation. 

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Maresa Ness, CEO of Mosaic Clubhouse

Maresa Ness, Chief Executive of Mosaic Clubhouse, wrote this case study for Governance International in December 2014. 

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