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Outcomes-based commissioning and public service transformation in Mosaic Clubhouse Lambeth


Mosaic Clubhouse now hosts the “Living Well Partnership”, a partnership of organisations that provide sessions for individuals by appointment on issues such as benefits advice, smoking cessation, Asian mental health as well as a walk-in, email, telephone information service for the residents of Lambeth who have any issue related to mental health. It also provides a twelve week “enablement” service to support anyone with a mental health condition to “get back on their feet” following a period of instability. All these services are integrated into the three Mosaic Clubhouse departments and run by staff and members together “side by side”.

Business and administration department

Here, members can learn to use computers, meet and greet people at reception, book rooms, answer the switchboard, type documents, pay invoices, use the database, prepare board papers, make videos, take photographs, prepare presentations, use Facebook and Twitter … and more.

Employment, education and information department

This department contributes to compiling the Clubhouse newsletter in any number of ways from writing, typing, photography, research, interviewing, helping to run large events, support the educational programme or working with the public in the information hub… and more. Employment opportunities for members include transitional employment posts (now 18!) supported employment and independent employment.

Hospitality and horticultural department

Express yourself through, cooking, baking, serving in the café, menu planning, helping to keep the Kitchen and café clean and tidy, or there are four garden spaces to tend, daily maintenance tasks, shopping, ordering, arranging flowers, washing up, catering for large events, driving the Clubhouse people carrier and more…

So all aspects of the new service offered are co-delivered by staff and members. This means that there are even more opportunities for members such as organising and hosting external agencies meetings; which includes laying out the room, meeting and greeting, signing in, giving directions, providing IT support, supplying food and refreshments, cleaning up, producing leaflets for the information hub, taking calls, face to face enquiries, presentations to other agencies etc. The Clubhouse now offers peer support in the community (as always) and externally to people in the information hub.

The potential threat originally posed by this significant change has instead become a really positive outcome for all concerned and built an even stronger Clubhouse as demonstrated by this testimonial:

My name is D and I was born and raised in South Lambeth, London.
I first attended Mosaic Clubhouse in July last year and found the staff and members pleasant and helpful. On attending Mosaic I found a sense of purpose by allowing me to participate in administrative tasks and arranging social activities for members to attend.

I have been unemployed for the past three years and miss being in full time employment terribly. At Mosaic Clubhouse I was told about TEP (Transitional Employment Placements) for members to attend to gain work experience, up-to-date job references and the confidence to move ahead into independent employment.

I myself have had a TEP arranged for me at Cambian Churchill Hospital in Kennington to work as a receptionist. This placement will enable me to provide good customer service and gain additional administrative skills.

My future hopes at Mosaic Clubhouse is to continue with the great friendships I have formed with members and the support and advice of the staff which is helping me rebuild my confidence and make real progress in my achievements.”

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Maresa Ness, CEO of Mosaic Clubhouse

Maresa Ness, Chief Executive of Mosaic Clubhouse, wrote this case study for Governance International in December 2014. 

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