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Outcomes-based commissioning and public service transformation in Mosaic Clubhouse Lambeth

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Mosaic Clubhouse is one of the case studies in: Julia Slay and Lucie Stephens (2013), Co-Production in mental health: A literature review. London: new economics foundation.

Publication - Choices for Recovery Community Based Rehabilitation and the Clubhouse Model as Means to Mental Health Reforms

My Brilliant Moment broadcast on the Community Channel (SKY) 24.02.14 (06:45) & 28.02.14 (18.45). YouTube Link:

World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH)

In May 2013 the World Health Assembly adopted the World Health Organization Comprehensive Mental Action Plan, signalling mental health as a global priority and kicking off the start of official international action. Clubhouse International is excited to announce that we are a part of this action - we have participated in the development of two recent reports prepared in conjunction with the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) (2013).  In these reports, Clubhouse is identified as an innovative and effective mental health service program that could be included in any mental health service system wishing to make progress for social change. 

Additionally, in association with these reports, the Clubhouse Model has been included in a recent online database providing mental health service system decision makers with information about various innovations. Links to both reports and the database are listed below.

Clubhouse International - see attached document:

‘Creating community: changing the world of mental health’

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Maresa Ness, CEO of Mosaic Clubhouse

Maresa Ness, Chief Executive of Mosaic Clubhouse, wrote this case study for Governance International in December 2014. 

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