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OLA delivers improved safety for motorcycle and moped riders in Sweden


The best examples of the projects success to date:
Per Johansson, McRF, was able to report that in 2010, 59% of motorcycles sold had ABS-brakes, compared to only 10-20% two years before. Also, a survey of SMC’s members reports that 80% intend to ask for ABS-brakes on their next bike.

However, a remaining challenge for motorcycle safety is the high speed at which motorcyclist’s travel, as there are currently many who do not abide within the speed limits.


About this case study
Main Contact

Helena Höök

Swedish Transport Administration
S-781 89 Borlange

Telephone: +46 243 756 56

Jörgen Persson
Swedish Transport Administration

Telephone: +46 36 19 21 87

Helena Höök and Jörgen Persson provided Governance International with this case study on 12 May 2011.


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