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OLA delivers improved safety for motorcycle and moped riders in Sweden



OLA has been used for 14 national OLA in different areas such as, “Skid-OLA - For safer winter traffic” 2005, “MC-OLA - For safer motorcycle traffic” 2005 and “Senior-OLA–For safer traffic senior citizens” 2006.

Through this approach, all parties are offered an opportunity to prepare and present initiatives that they are able to implement and as a result, contribute to improved road safety.

To improve safety for motorcyclists and moped riders the project used the OLA method to develop a common strategy to reduce accidents by 50% and the number of seriously injured riders reduced by 25% by the year 2020.


About this case study
Main Contact

Helena Höök

Swedish Transport Administration
S-781 89 Borlange

Telephone: +46 243 756 56

Jörgen Persson
Swedish Transport Administration

Telephone: +46 36 19 21 87

Helena Höök and Jörgen Persson provided Governance International with this case study on 12 May 2011.


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