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OLA delivers improved safety for motorcycle and moped riders in Sweden

Costs and savings

The costs of a coordinated approach like OLA are marginal compared to the benefits. Clearly, each road accident costs the Swedish taxpayer a lot of money – it is estimated that each fatal accident brings a cost of 2.5 million EUR. Of course, the main costs of the OLA approach are not the monetary costs  involved but rather the effort and time it takes to negotiate mutual solutions together with other stakeholders. An OLA process usually takes three days of meetings; however, the time taken by the different partners working on the joint strategy for the period 2010–2020, version 1.0 is naturally a more extensive process.

The motorcycles and moped project has required 10 meetings. However, the benefits of the resulting coordinated approach are enormous, not to mention the signal that it sends to the society – “this is the problem and this is how we are going to solve it together”.


About this case study
Main Contact

Helena Höök

Swedish Transport Administration
S-781 89 Borlange

Telephone: +46 243 756 56

Jörgen Persson
Swedish Transport Administration

Telephone: +46 36 19 21 87

Helena Höök and Jörgen Persson provided Governance International with this case study on 12 May 2011.


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