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Intensive family support through prevention and family empowerment in Coventry

Performance indicators

As at 31st October 2014, 915 families have been 'worked with' - this was 21.4% above the target number projected at this stage of the programme. Overall, 634 families were classed as 'turned around', against a projected target of 585 (8.4% above the expected target).

More specifically:

  • 519 families have children with improved attendance and behaviour at school;
  • 146 families have committed at least 60% less anti-social behaviour;
  • youth offending has decreased by at least 33% in 49 families;
  • 27 families have seen at least 1 adult move off out of work benefits and into continuous employment;
  • 37 achieved the ‘progress to work’ outcome by voluntarily accessing the work programme or European Social Fund Support for Families project.

Because 70% of 'troubled families' worked with in this programme have met the success criteria, Coventry has been invited to be an ‘early starter’ for the phase 2 “Expanded Troubled Families programme”, announced in June 2013 by national Government, with the aim of  reaching an additional 400,000 families across England (3,130 families in Coventry). However, Government funding will fall to £1,800 per family (45% of phase one funding).

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Louison Ricketts

Intensive Family Support Team, Coventry City Council

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This case study was written by Louison Ricketts and Tony Bovaird in September 2015.

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