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“I can see what you can’t see” – How Warwickshire County Council involves people with learning disabilities as peer reviewers

Performance indicators

One of the Reviewers received a letter from the Provider they visited, outlining the changes they had made to their service following the Reviewers Report – this included:

  • Making sure that Customers were supported and encouraged to make and prepare their own drinks, rather than this being led by staff, to help improve skills and confidence.
  • Ensuring that key Day Programme areas are covered with experienced staff when regular staff are away/on holiday.

There are now regular requests for Peer Reviewers to review service provision in a variety of areas and the performance and impact of the programme as it is further rolled out will be evaluated and assessed.

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Rachel Hawthorne

Health Protection Programme Officer
Public Health
Warwickshire County Council/Coventry City Council


Rachel Flowers wrote this case study for Governance International on 13 March 2013.

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