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“I can see what you can’t see” – How Warwickshire County Council involves people with learning disabilities as peer reviewers


People with learning disabilities know things about the services they receive that inspectors do not or cannot know. This is why the Customer Engagement Team of Warwickshire County Council (WCC) established a group of 23 trained Peer Reviewers in 2011 to co-assess the quality of commissioned services. Five of these Reviewers have learning disabilities and focuss specifically on services used by people with learning disabilities.    

Read this case study to learn how Warwickshire County Council uses the skills and knowledge of people with learning disabilities to improve service quality.

About this case study
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Rachel Hawthorne

Health Protection Programme Officer
Public Health
Warwickshire County Council/Coventry City Council


Rachel Flowers wrote this case study for Governance International on 13 March 2013.

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