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How the HibriturSelva partnership promotes economic development through tourism innovations


La Selva is a district in Catalonia located between the mountain range known as the Serralada Transversal and the Costa Brava. The tourism sector of this picturesque county has a rather fragmented structure: Tourists flock to the coastal area but there is not much tourism inlands. In 2013 the Comarque Council (about 170,000 inhabitants) has taken the lead in developing the HibriturSelva partnership which aims at diversifying tourism in the region of La Selva through a set of innovations.

Read how this partnership supports SMEs to develop innovations and what has been achieved so far.

You may also want to travel to La Selva yourself to try some of the great tourism offers! 

About this case study
Main Contact

Josep Gesti

Local Development Project Manager of La Selva Comarque Council


Nemo Remesar

Local Development Unit, Employment Service of Catalonia

Josep Gesti of the local authority of Comarque de la Selva, and Nemo Remesar, Employment Service of Catalonia, wrote this case study in March 2015.

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