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Follow @wmpolice – how West Midlands Police engages with communities


West Midlands Police has become a national champion in using social media to engage with communities. Its pro-active social media policy has not only allowed it to respond effectively to rumours and misinformation during the riots in 2011 but also to prevent crime and to catch criminals by harnessing the knowledge of communities. 

As this case study shows, social media have made the work of the ‘bobby on the beat’ a lot more effective. Why don’t you simply follow @wmpolice to learn how West Midlands Police does modern community policing through social media? 

Officers take part in a web chat with the Solihull community

About this case study
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Hilary Hopker

Corporate Communications Department

Organisational Communications Manager

West Midlands Police 

Tel: 0121 626 5858 

Frankie Hine-Hughes wrote this case study for Governance International on 06 March 2013.

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