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Whose Shoes? Exploring new perspectives on more citizen-centered social care

Learning Points

  • It is time to move from silo working in a paternalistic medical model towards integrated partnership working in an enabling social model of health and social care.

  • Culture change through changed attitudes and assumptions is a necessity when moving towards new ways of working.

  • For any engagement strategy it is key for people to feel their contribution is valued, as well as for you to truly value it!

  • Equality must be for everyone and  must transcend hierarchical and organisational boundaries.

  • Innovative and fun tools help individuals relax, be open and creatively problem solve.

Storyboard by Anna Geyer of New Possibilities
About this case study
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Gill Phillips

Tel: 0845 680 1841

Gill Phillips wrote this case study for Governance International on 27 February 2012.

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