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Empowering patients to need less care and do better in Highland Hospital, South Sweden

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Tony Bovaird and Joergen Tholstrup (2010): 'Collaborative Governance between the Public Sector, Service Users and their Communities', in: Eberhard Bohne (ed.), Repositioning Europe and America for Economic Growth: The Role of Governance and Private Actors in Key Policy Areas. LIT Verlag: Berlin.


The case study has also found the interest of Prof. Michael Porter of Harvard Business School who published a case study in 2010 on 'Highland District County Hospital: Gastroenerology Care in Sweden'. 




About this case study
Main Contact

Dr. Jörgen Tholstrup
Chief Medical Officer
Highland District County Hospital
Eksjö, Sweden


Dr. Jörgen Tholstrup provided Governance International  with this case study on 30 March 2010. The case study was updated in June 2014.

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