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"Drink a little less. See a better you!" Social marketing campaign delivered by ChaMPs Public Health Network


Research and insight work conducted through the North West Public Health Observatory and Corporate Culture identified the target audience as regular pub drinkers who are male aged 35 to 55, who were drinking to hazardous and harmful levels. Further research with the target audience and pub industry identified key motivators and helped to develop the intervention and creative approach. The research also noted that males were less likely to visit their GP and get a health check.

The key aim was to raise awareness of the potential harms of drinking. Consequently, the behaviour goal was to reduce levels of hazardous drinking within the target audience, by encouraging them to set behavioural goals to help move away from their current drinking habits. It was also important to develop interventions that directed those in need to NHS Alcohol services across Cheshire & Merseyside.


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Tracey Lambert
Communications & Social Marketing Manager




Tracey Lambert wrote this case study for Governance International on 12 September 2012.

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