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Co-designing a new third sector funding scheme in Argyll and Bute


In 2011, the Children and Families Service Department of Argyll and Bute Council was tasked with ensuring savings of 15% of its budget (£1.86 million of its £12.4 million budget) over the next three years. The Council provided over £650,000 in funding to third sector organisations in 2010-2011. In this uncertain climate the Council was keen on turning a crisis into an opportunity to change the way it works with its third sector partners.

Early in 2012 the Children and Families Service Department took the decision to co-design a new funding scheme together with third sector organisations in the local area, rather than just asking the views of service providers when the new funding scheme had been determined by the Council. Even though this dialogue took place in a context of cuts, it was framed in a positive way – not “How should we make the cuts?” but rather “How can we make the funding scheme better?”

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Mark Lines

Service Manager - Children and Families Operations

Argyll and Bute Council


Mark Lines wrote this case study for Governance International on 3 December 2012.

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