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Co-designing a Dementia Portal for Warwickshire and Coventry


When Tony’s wife Isobel was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nearly ten years ago, he was given many leaflets with brief explanations of what services were available.  The quality of information in many cases was poor, fragmented or lacking. Warwickshire County Council developed the Dementia Information Portal to help ensure that quality information is available to all who wish to find out more about dementia, including people with dementia, their care-givers and families, health care professionals and the wider public.

What makes the Warwickshire County Council Dementia Portal a good example of information provision for other local councils to model upon is that it was both co-designed with people with direct experience of dementia and is shared with Coventry City Council.

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About this case study
Main Contact

Katie Herbert

Commissioner, for Dementia, Long-Term Conditions and End of Life Care
Warwickshire County Council
E-mail: katherineherbert@
Telephone: 01926 742464


Tony Robinson

Member of the Dementia Strategy Board

This case study was written by Katie Herbert and Tony Robinson in February 2014.

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