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Citizens evaluating local services and facilities in Southern Italy


This innovative project is the result of partnership working between the  Department for Public Administration and Innovation and the nonprofit organisation Cittadinanzattiva 
which promotes citizen and consumer rights in Italy. In 2006 both organisations signed a protocol to promote new citizen participation initiatives related to service quality.


This partnership gave rise to a pilot project which gives citizens the opportunity to take an active role in the evaluation of public service quality – not just through citizen surveys but as civic evaluators who provide information about the state of public services and infrastructure to local councils and contribute to prioritising improvements.


Cittadinanzattiva has been gathering experiences with civic evaluations in hospitals since 2001. The first pilot project between the Department for Public Administration and Cittadinanzattiva in 2008 built on these experiences, focussing on schools and front offices of local services. A new pilot launched in November 2009 included a much wider range of public services and a more comprehensive assessment methodology. In particular, it focused on issues of the maintenance of green space and roads, street lighting, public transport, garbage collection, cultural and social events. 


This project has been also influenced by recent national legislation guaranteeing citizens and civic associations an active role in the  monitoring of public services through collaborative dialogue.

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Laura Massoli provided Governance International with this case study on 30 July 2010. It was updated on 17 February 2012.

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