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Catch me if you can! Citizen Speed Watchers helping the police in South Somerset


With limited resources available, driving offences in rural areas generally receive less police attention than on main trunk roads and motorways, despite the fact that a high proportion of accidents are on country roads.

Community Speed Watch gives local people the ability to get involved actively in road safety issues. The initiative started in the village of Ash in 2002, when a group of residents identified that there was a speeding problem. The police encouraged communities to help them deal with local speeding problems by reporting incidents proactively. However, this did not deliver any real change. Nothing much was achieved until South Somerset District Council became involved in 2004. Now this initiative has been so successful that it has gained national media acclaim. Indeed, many other areas are now attempting to replicate the scheme.

About this case study
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Rina Singh

Strategic Director (Place and Performance)

South Somerset District Council



Rina Singh provided Governance International with this case study on 6th April 2010.

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