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Upper Horfield’s Pride of Place Initiative: Residents and Partners Working Together for Change


Bristol Community Housing Foundation (BCHF), a small, community based social landlord in north Bristol, UK established their Pride of Place Partnership in response to concerns raised by a number of tenants living in the association’s Upper Horfield estate about the rise in street litter after the regeneration of their estate.

The Upper Horfield estate underwent significant regeneration of the housing stock between 1999 and 2007 which saw the eventual replacement of 450 failing prefabricated homes which had been blighted by concrete cancer. As the old homes started to become vacated and boarded up, the long process of assembling the necessary finances and local authority support for the regeneration began. Throughout this period, many of the tenants who remained in the area had to endure issues including high crime rates, arson and anti-social behaviour.

The new housing was built in four phases between 2002 and 2007 on an estate designed using Home Zone principles. Each street mixed together social and private tenure at an approximate 50:50 ratio.

As the first two phases of the project in the west of the estate were completed and tenants began to move in, a number of them expressed  concern to BCHF’s Community Development Worker that they wanted to ensure a higher level of management of the neighbourhood than had been the case when the estate was managed by the local authority. This was of particular importance to them as they had suffered such problems during the area’s long decline and were keen to ensure the regeneration project marked the start of a new way of doing things in closer partnership.

photo by Trevor Deadman
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Scott Jacobs-Lange provided Governance International with this case study on 2 May 2011.

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